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  • MightyMin Sheep 6.5
  • MightyMin Cattle 8.5
  • MightyMin Sheep 6.5 + ADE
  • MightyMin Cattle 8.5 + ADE
  • MightyMin Horse

MightyMin is available for all animals, made to prescription.

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Soil & Foliar Liquids

Liquid Trace Elements

  • Watchet-gro® Organically Protected & Stabilised Trace Element Soil & Foliar Sprays

Formulated specifically to meet the prescriptive requirements of targeted applications addressing particular mineral deficiencies or plant growth requirements. Used for applications in either horticulture, viticulture, tropical and sub-tropical fruit trees. Watchet-gro® Organically Protected minerals are delivered as a modified low molecular weight, lignin chelated soil & foliar nutrient mix.

  • Watchet-gro® OP Boron
  • Watchet-gro® OP Calcium & Boron
  • Watchet-gro® OP Cobalt
  • Watchet-gro® OP Magnesium
  • Watchet-gro® OP Copper
  • Watchet-gro® OP Iron
  • Watchet-gro® OP Magnesium & Boron
  • Watchet-gro® OP Magnesium with Humates
  • Watchet-gro® OP Manganese
  • Watchet-gro® OP Copper & Manganese
  • Watchet-gro® OP Manganese & Zinc
  • Watchet-gro® OP Potassium & Boron
  • Watchet-gro® OP Zinc
  • Watchet-gro® OP Zinc & Boron
  • Watchet-gro® OP Manganese 5, Magnesium 2 & Boron 1
  • Watchet-gro® OP Calcium Nitrate
  • Watchet-gro® OP Calcium & Phosphorus
  • Watchet-gro® OP Moly & Copper

Prices and application rates available on request

All above products listed above are from the Watchet-gro® range, and are available in 20L, 200L and 1000L quantities

Are Watchet-gro® liquid nutrients different from common fertilisers?

Elements in Watchet-gro® formulations are protected by a complex organic modification process.

This prevents the interaction of other elements and soil conditions which may render nutrients unavailable. Hence, maximum nutrient availability and utilisation is achieved. The formulated protecting agents provide maximum adsorption and translocation into and within the plant, releasing the nutrients at the required sites.

Watchet-gro® liquid nutrients products contain both MACRO & MICRO ELEMENTS. These Organically Modified Low Molecular Weight Liquids are designed to provide Rapid Uptake for Foliar & Soil Feeding.

Watchet-gro® formulations also incorporate binding and penetrating agents, which minimise the effect of leaching and provide optimal adsorption levels without scorching.

Watchet-gro® liquid nutrients are ideal for remediating deficiencies that become evident in growing crops and pasture.

Westminster Pastoral Company the formulators and manufacturers of Watchet-gro® liquid nutrients is leading the way in providing profitable methods in agriculture, with products formulated for peak productivity.

Australian Certified Organic Liquids

  • Agtech Custom Blend
    A liquid-based fertiliser, high in organic carbon, digested organic matter and biologicals in a heavy liquid form.
  • Agtech Bio K
    Biologically-enhanced Potassium
  • Agtech Typhoon Bio
    A liquid microbial product containing microbes and organic carbon to stimulate and re-establish the microbial population. (Soil & Water Organic Remediation)

Prices & practical application available on request. Please email or call.



  • Agtech Solutions Biologically-Enhanced HUMATE-BASED Bulk blend.’

Specifically tailored to meet the needs of your farm. (32-42 tonne loads)

Victoria/NSW only……Product + Freight

  • Fused Calcium Magnesium Phosphate
    • FCMP Grit 0.8.0 (Australian Organic Certification)
    • FCMP PRILL 0.7.0

Click to read 31 Reasons to Use FCMP

Available in 1-tonne bags …also available in 25kg bags in 1 tonne lots.

  • Organically Certified NPK Blend….(NASAA Certified)

Ideal for both acid and alkaline ph soil types, this product is composed of high-grade Nitrified Brown Coal, Potassium Sulphate, varying forms of Carbohydrates, Calcium, Sulphur as Sulphate, Magnesium and Reactive Phosphate Rock with Zinc Monohydrate, Manganese Sulphate and Boron.

This ensures the plant is provided with a balanced diet of essential nutrients, as well as providing a good source of Humus which helps improve the physical structure and condition of the soil. (1-tonne bags)

Prices & practical application is available on request. Please email or call.