Watchet-gro® Fabulous

Fabulous formula 335 is a true NPK + Calcium fertiliser presented as a light green clear solution containing no trace minerals and is specifically designed for application as a FOLIAR SPRAY.

Fabulous Formula 335 has been made to provide sufficient negative charge to be attracted to the positive charge inside the leaf. This attraction can be made with a variety of negatively charged elements. Fabulous Formula 335 contains large quantities of Phosphorus that is a negatively charged element having the additional advantage of also being a catalyst. After plant application, Fabulous Formula 335 will not only enter the leaf but will become mobile within the plant.

The way Fabulous Formula 335 works centres around the explanation of how Phosphate works.

With the exception of the element Nitrogen, all elements should go into the plant in the Phosphate form. The least mobile of all the elements is Calcium. The reason for t his is normally when Phosphate and Calcium are mixed together they form the compound Tri Calcium Phosphate. The only way the Calcium in this compound can be made available to the plant is by the actions of microbes and if anything upsets the microbial cycle in the soil, the uptake of Calcium and Phosphate is also disrupted.

Why Fabulous Formula 335 is a very effective foliar feed

Fabulous Formula 335 combines Phosphate and Calcium toge t her into a true solution without forming Tri Calcium Phosphate and t his technology does not require microbial action to activate. Fabulous Formula 335 wi 11 work on any crop where Quality is a pre-requisite.

For best results apply as a fine spray.
Mixing – Timing – Frequency and crop type should be selected from the APPLICATION RATES detailed on the label of each container.