Watchet-gro® Multi-Purpose 10-2-7

Watchet-gro® Multi-Purpose 10-2-7 is an Australian made agricultural product which has been specifically formulated to supply sufficient levels of essential macro and micro nutrients required for optimum growth of Field Crops, Vegetables, Fruits, Nurseries, Pasture and Turf. 

All the elements in your Watchet-gro® Multi-Purpose 10-2-7 are protected by a complex process called CHELATION. This prevents the interaction of other elements and soil conditions which may render nutrients unavailable, hence maximum nutrient availability (approximately ten times the availability as compared to non-chelated nutrients) and utilisation is achieved.

The formulated protecting agent provides maximum absorption and translocation into and within the plant, releasing the nutrients at the required sites.

Watchet-gro® Multi-Purpose 10-2-7 also incorporates binding and penetrating agents, which minimise the effect of leaching and provide optimal adsorption levels, without scorching.

Watchet-gro® Multi-Purpose 10-2-7 nutrients are CHELATED (protected from becoming unavailable) in naturally occurring Lignin compounds, for maximum foliar and root adsorption unlike non- chelated products, therefore offering maximum foliar adsorption efficiencies and availability (85-95%).

In a comparison to similar liquid fertilizer products, Watchet-gro® Multi-Purpose 10—2-7 has significantly higher TRACE ELEMENT concentrations.