Benefits of Agtech Solutions

Based on feedback from farmers utilising our farming system.


  • Better conception rates.
  • Faster growth rate in all cattle which extends to the next generation
  • Lower veterinary costs. (Benchmarking showed 60-80% lower)
  • Consistently higher milk components & quality.
  • Stock able to hold on better in times of stress.
  • Lower worm burdens.
  • Less replacements required, resulting from the longevity of cattle.
  • Less metabolic deaths.
  • Cattle much quieter…..easier to handle.


  • Less ‘dark-cutters’….better quality meat.
  • Faster & more sustained growth rate … all cattle, which extends to next generation.
  • Lower veterinary costs.
  • Stock able to hold condition through better feed conversion.
  • Lower worm burdens….some properties eliminated worm-drenching programs completely.
  • Cattle much quieter….easier to handle.


  • Greater water-holding capacity….less irrigation water required.
  • Greater nutrient-holding capacity.
  • Higher value crops…eg Lucerne.
  • Quality and quantity up….more cuts.
  • Little or no rescue-remedies required.
  • More stable soil temperatures…..less risk of failed crops.
  • Crop residues broken down easier.…less fertiliser for next crop.
  • Less chemical use.
  • Less weed pressure once soil is biologically balanced.
  • Lower fuel costs and less time required to work the soil.

Sheep, Alpaca, Deer, Goats

  • Many of the same benefits as cattle.
  • Wool…Higher tensile strength.
  • Lower ‘prickle’ factor.
  • More even wool clip.
  • Great volume of wool clip.
  • Each succeeding generation continues to perform better, due to enhanced genetics by nutrition.


  • Higher lambing percentages.


  • Faster growing rates.
  • Huge reduction in vet. requirements, drenches and vaccines.
  • Less fly-strike.
  • Less foot-rot
  • Less time required to manage the operation.

Services Provided by Agtech Solutions

  • Biological and Conventional Programs
  • Animal Nutritional products.
  • High-quality Liquid & Solid Fertilisers.
  • Certified Organic Fertilisers
  • Independent Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis.
  • Full Farm Programs making farms more profitable.
  • FREE On-Farm Consultancy.
  • …and we build Carbon in the Soil…..Regeneration.