Watchet-gro® Quick Cal + Boron

Why Use Watchet-gro® Quick Cal + Boron? Quick Cal is superior to any other foliar calcium sprays currently available because of the unique manufacturing process. Utilising high quality, low molecular weight organic compounds, leaf absorption rates as high as 85-95% with quick translocation (uptake and movement) within the plant. Boron is a vital constituent in the movement and translocation of calcium within a plant. Many Foliar Calcium Sprays do not contain Boron.

Boron and calcium are essential for cell wall stability and strength

Watchet-gro® Quick Cal + Boron contains calcium (ca) as Calcium Ligno-Sulphonates compounds 21% and (ca) 6% elemental calcium, 0.2% elemental boron. Leaf absorption is assisted by way of a small amount of organic nitrogen.

With a constituency of about 15% nitrogen as nitrate, the plant preferred available form of nitrogen, Calcium Nitrate is in conflict. While providing a decent source of calcium, the calcium is outcompeted by the nitrate. Nitrate is a very dynamic compound and will antagonise most nutrient elements including calcium. A primary cause of tip burn is a high level of soluble nitrate (nitrogen) within plants. Irrigation and overcast weather provide the conditions for tip burn when the plant’s ability to convert soluble nitrate to amino acids and proteins is inhibited.

The availability of Calcium is dependent on several factors. It is a particularly immobile nutritional element essential for soil fertility. Lime and Gypsum although providing sufficient or even abundant levels of exchangeable calcium in the soil, will not guarantee the prevention calcium deficiencies. Its uptake and movement are restricted by hostile weather and poor soil conditions that interrupt the supply. Very probable to happen repeatedly between seeding or planting and harvest. To avoid calcium deficiency, the plant needs to maintain a continuous supply of calcium from the roots.

Watchet-gro® Quick Cal + Boron comprises only a small amount of nitrogen, so irrespective of adverse soil conditions and appropriate to varying weather conditions, Watchet-gro® Quick Cal + Boron circumvents the occasionally detrimental effect of high plant nitrogen levels due to frequent applications of Calcium Nitrate. Our formulation contains Boron, which supports calcium movement within the plant and uptake through the roots. May also remedy inadequate plant Boron levels often associated with calcium deficiencies.

Jar test prior to mixing with other components.

Apply Watchet-gro® Quick Cal + Boron at 7-9 L/Ha. according to crop density. For optimum efficiency and absorption, spray early in the morning or in the evening or under high humidity conditions when the air temperature is below 28oC.