Watchet-gro® Healthy Pastures #6

Watchet-gro® Healthy Pastures #6 addresses your pastures history of Copper, Cobalt and Selenium deficiencies. Healthy Pastures #6 provides increased levels of Copper, Cobalt and Selenium. With added Manganese, the viability and production of pastures are improved.

Watchet-gro® Healthy Pastures #6 contains per litre…. Cobalt 6.0g, Selenium 2.5g, Copper 25.0g, Zinc 25.0g, Manganese 20.0g, Boron 10.0g, Molybdenum 2.0g and is a concentrated chelated blend of all these nutrients to ensure that the plant ia allowed to grow at optimal rates and have maximum nutritional value.

Additional Information: 
ROTATIONAL GRAZING: Apply recommended application rate five to seven days prior to grazing. Ideally sufficient areas should be sprayed to ensure three days continual grazing. Application rate: 12.5 Lt/Ha (5Lt/Ac).
SET GRAZING: Apply recommended application rates to 10% of the block size. If possible, apply 5 to 7 days prior to stock entering paddocks.