About Us

“At Agtech Solutions, our approach to agriculture is to obtain optimal health for animals, plants and soil.”

As the nutrition of each is inter-related, it is clear to us that balanced health, achieved though nutrition, has its foundation in a balanced, healthy, and biologically alive soil. Agtech Solutions and their consultants, together with their suppliers, are committed to achieve this outcome.

Agtech Solutions manufacture organic, biological, mineral, and humate-based products that are guaranteed to be free from heavy metals, and are aimed to provide all elements for a healthy balanced soil. Much of the scientific intelligence behind every Agtech Solutions product is based on the work of the eminent soil scientists, Dr William Albrecht and Dr Arden Andersen. The effectiveness of the Agtech Solutions products is evident in the end results as demonstrated again recently by a Gippsland Benchmarking program, which clearly showed MORE PROFITABLE FARMING using our products.

Agtech Solutions has proven that an approach to agriculture, through a healthy soil, can vastly decrease the use of herbicides and pesticides, as well as animal health treatments, by promoting a naturally balanced diet and environment for plants and animals. Only by maintaining the correct organic and chemical nutrient balance, can peak fertility be obtained.

The Agtech Solutions approach is to, not just supply a product, but provide a system that is biologically sound, putting the chemistry and biological processes in balance.  The system begins with a comprehensive independent soil analysis, and farm evaluation, so the optimal solution can be offered for any situation, saving the user money, by reducing costs and increasing profitability.”