WPC Mighty-Min

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Might Min

A complex mixture of organically protected essential Trace Mineral Supplements suitable for all ruminants and horses.

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Mighty Min - Animal Nutrition:

  • Better feed conversion
  • Sheep weight gain
  • Cattle weight gain
  • Higher conception rates
  • Lower vet costs
  • Lower drench requirements
  • Lower feed costs
  • Lower worm burden
  • Allowable input for certified organic farms

Nutrient deficiencies in livestock quite often result in poor feed conversion, lower fertility and falling production, which has the flow-on effect of making correction of these deficiencies difficult to manage. WPC Mighty Min for Cattle and Sheep may be administered orally or via watering systems, on feed or in molasses roller licks, to ensure each animal is treated.

WPC Mighty-Min is a supplement for sheep, cattle, goats & alpacas, to increase dietary intake of certain trace minerals where intake by livestock may be low, resulting in the increased digestive function of ruminants and improved pasture utilisation, and improvement in general health. WPC Mighty-Min employs a unique chelation process to assist in mineral uptake.

What is in Mighty Min - Cattle & Sheep?

  • Zinc 8500 mg/L,
  • Copper 6500 mg/L
  • Manganese 6500 mg/L
  • Cobalt 3000 mg/L
  • Magnesium 2600 mg/L
  • Selenium 1100 mg/L
  • Iodine 140 mg/L

Reducing Sugars, Crude Protein Equivalent, Micro Fine Kelp.

Agtech Solutions provide a comprehensive range of products for farm programs, cropping, broadacre, dairy, horticulture, beef, sheep, chickens and more.

Additional information

WPC Mighty Min

@ 6.5 Cu (Sheep), @ 8.5 Cu (Cattle), @ 6.5 Cu + ADE (Sheep), @ 8.5 Cu + ADE (Cattle), for Horses


2.5 litres, 5 litres, 20 litres, 200 litres, 1000 litres


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